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Nova Resonator Pendant

All pendantsPersonal EMF Protection + WiFi Protection

Why you need a Nova Resonator

EMFs are everywhere — emitted by all your favorite devices—cell phones, computers, wireless routers, TVs, and even your car! They’re coming out of your walls and from every appliance in your home!

They’re invading your body, sapping your energy, giving you headaches, and wearing down your immune system.

The Nova Resonator will protect you from EMFs.

The Nova Resonator grounds you to the Earth’s electromagnetic field, which is your body's natural home — the field that’s designed to nurture and heal you. Man-made EMFs pull you out of this field, disrupting the functioning of your cells and DNA, and setting you up for all sorts of health problems.

The Nova Resonator safely pulls you back into the Earth’s field, so that EMFs are no longer detrimental to you.

Here is what people report initially when putting on the Nova Resonator:

And then, as time goes on:

Very importantly, if you have health challenges, the Nova Resonator can help you find your way back to good health. By removing EMF stress from your immune system, your body can begin to heal itself. The gentle, soothing energy of the Nova Resonator calms your nervous system and helps you to sleep more deeply.

Treat yourself to better health naturally – today!

Eight styles to choose from, including two ankle bracelets: ammonite, black onyx, rose quartz, lapis, and sterling silver. All except the ammonite version come with sterling silver setting and chain. The ammonite version comes with gold-filled brass setting and chain.

Price: $349

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Here's what users say about their experience in wearing the Nova Resonator:

Your new Nova Resonator is a prize! Within seconds of putting it on, I felt tingling in my hands and my face flushed as I began to feel a deep internal release of tension. Although I was in a busy environment, a calm, quiet space seemed to extend around me that ended the background zing and buzz I’d thought was normal! My mind was clear, focused, awake, and I felt very present and deeply happy. --Patricia B., WA


Since I have worn the Resonator I have not been sick. I work in the printing industry with all the toxic smells and noisy equipment and sit in front of a computer all day with a headset on all day and listen to satellite radio too. I used to be sick all the time with chronic sinus infections and bad headaches ALL THE TIME. No more! --Devida D.

The Nova Resonator comes as an ankle bracelet too!

Ankle PendantsDon’t like wearing a pendant? Buy the ankle bracelet version, available in rose quartz or black onyx.

Price: $349

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How does EarthCalm technology work?

WavesThe technology in the Nova Resonator immerses you in the Earth’s electromagnetic field through the use of geometric circuits that mirror the electromagnetic structures in the Earth’s field and operate through the principle of Resonance.

The Nova Resonator isn’t just any EMF pendant.

There are a lot of EMF pendants on the market today. Some are very pretty, and some cost a lot less than the Nova Resonator. Why should you choose this pendant over all those others?

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A testimonial from an MD:

Over the last ten years, I have spent $15,000 on alternative health devices, including the Q-Link, Magnetico magnet beds, Quantum Technologies devices, Stetzer Filters, the Schuman Earth Safe Generator, Earthing/Barefoot grounding products, EMF Blues ceramic dots, Advanced Tachyon Technologies devices, Geomack Geopathic units, Zapping units, Power Pyramids, and crystals. I have received some degree of relief from all of them.

I recently received the Resonator Pendant, and I will say, that this is the smoothest, and deepest energy I have felt so far from any of the products. There is a depth that seems to have no end, and that would make sense, since these energies tap into the earth’s energy, which is boundless. --Brian Slanger, MD

What if it I’m not satisfied with it?

EarthCalm gives you a 90-day, no-risk, money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

Test it for yourself: Try the Nova Resonator for the full 90 days. See for yourself how much better you feel.

I just started wearing the Resonator. All I can say is WOW! I have been wearing EMF protection jewelry for many years. Many of them improved various conditions. Your product is the strongest of any other product I have tried. --Lindee A., TX

Why wait any longer?

Don’t risk your health one more minute. You can keep using all your modern conveniences with all their EMFs, and feel healthy, more alive, and full of energy with the Nova Resonator Pendant.

Nova Resonator Pendant

All pendants

Price: $349

The Nova Resonator Pendant with a rose quartz or black onyx gem measures 18 mm (about 3/4″). (Each rose quartz gem is unique and may vary slightly in color.) The silver tube measures 2-1/8″ long. All versions come with a 24” sterling silver chain, which may be replaced, if desired, with another chain or cord of your choice.

Nova Resonator Ankle Bracelet

Ankle Resonator

Price: $349

The Ankle Bracelet comes with 18 mm (about 3/4″) rose quartz gem or black onyx and sturdy, adjustable sterling silver chain.

Remember, all EarthCalm products come with a 90-day, money-back guarantee. You have nothing to lose, and so many benefits to gain!

You can’t go wrong with this beautiful EMF protection pendant for both powerful primary EMF protection and enhanced Wi-Fi Health Protection.

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