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See "Children's Health and Cell Phones" before letting your child use a cell phone.

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EarthCalm Products: Protect yourself from hazardous EMFs at home and wherever you go

mountain"Even in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina, we can't avoid exposure to electromagnetic fields. That's why we use EarthCalm Products." --Hank & Barbara

For effective EMF protection, we recommend beginning with the EarthCalm Home Protection System. This will transform your home into "an environment of calm."

If you use a laptop computer, it is important to add the EMF protection of the EarthCalm Torus. See below for additional information.

For EMF protection when you leave the house, we recommend the Nova Resonator pendants or anklets. This is like carrying the EarthCalm Home Protection System around with you! We never leave home without the Resonator.


EarthCalm Infinity Home EMF Protection System

Whole house EMF protection

Eliminate electro-smog and detrimental electrical fields in your home with EarthCalm. This remarkable device creates a resonant frequency throughout your home's electrical system. The result is a feeling of calm relaxation.

Eliminating the body's "fight or flight" response to your home's electrical fields can lead to deeper, more relaxed sleep, greater resistance to stress-related dis-ease, and enhanced body healing. Provides powerful EMF protection and greater peace and calm in the home.

An especially important gift if there are children or people with health challenges in the family. One unit protects the entire home.

Benefits of EMF Protection:

Price: $419

More information / order Infinity Home EMF Protection System

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Nova Resonator

The perfect gift for the special someone in your life, the Nova Resonator offers powerful personal EMF protection, 24/7. Eight styles to choose from, including two ankle bracelets: ammonite, black onyx, rose quartz, lapis, and sterling silver. All except the ammonite version come with sterling silver setting and chain. The ammonite version comes with gold-filled brass setting and chain.

The same scalar resonance technology found in our original Scalar Resonator—PLUS the technology in our Nova for enhanced microwave protection—all in one! Extremely powerful.

Nova SNova Resonator - S-Series

Price: $239.00


Nova Resonator Silver Comet Ankle Bracelet or Pendant

EMF Protection Pendant or Ankle Bracelet - Powerful technology, beauty, lifetime value. Sterling Silver.

Price: $279.00

Nova Resonator S-Series Titanium Sports Pendant

S-Series Pendant with Silicone & Titanium encased with Nylon

Price: $239.00

Nova Resonator Traditional Pendant

Price: $279.00




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The Nova EMF Protection Bracelet

Powerful protection from EMFs throuh Living Earth Technology.

EarthCalm’s EMF Protection Bracelet and Sports Band protect you from environmental EMFs by reestablishing resonance with the earth’s electromagnetic field (the Schumann Resonance)—your body’s natural “home.”

Unique Earthcalm technology restores a more natural voltage within the human nervous system, establishing a "voltage fence" that shields us from the manmade fields in which we live.


New Burma Jade $299




Red Creek Jasper $299





Black Onyx $299



All four styles are made with 8 mm beads and 18” memory wire.

New Burma Jade and Red Creek Jasper versions have brass-plated pewter end caps.

Black Onyx version has silver-plated end caps.

The technology (which is essentially the same as the Nova Resonator) is inserted within the end caps and in the memory wire.


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Wearing an EMF Protection Bracelet is particularly important if you live or work in areas where heavy EMF exposure is unavoidable—or if you spend a lot of time in public places such as:


EarthCalm Quantum Cell

The world's most effect cell phone radiation protection

Not just another sticker, button or magnet! The Quantum Cell contains powerful technology for full cell phone radiation protection that has been tested for years.



With the Quantum Cell, you will feel:

Quantum Cell $129.

Testimonials:C. Carceau

Catherine Garceau, Olympian, Speaker, and Health Educator:

“I used to get easily aggravated and stressed when using my cell phone. It’s amazing how much more grounded I feel now that I’ve been using the Quantum Cell on my cell phone. I’m very excited to have found EarthCalm!”

“Cell phone use increases heart rate, and this increase is reversed by the EarthCalm Quantum Cell.”

Lisa Tully, PhD, of the Energy Medicine Research Institute in Denver, CO conducted a study on the effect on the heart rate when using the Quantum Cell.

graphBaseline: With no cell phone in use ——— 75 BPM (beats per min.)

With Normal Cell Phone Use —————– 90 BPM

Cell phone Use with Quantum Cell———- 74 BPM — better than baseline!


“I have been absolutely, 100% free from headaches! Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that anything could work so drastically in such a short amount of time.” Rena W., CA

Bluetooth & Headsets

One Quantum Cell on your cell phone provides total cell phone radiation protection for any and all attachments on your phone.

Cordless Phones, Tablets, Kindles, Baby Monitors & More

The Quantum Cell can also be attached to cordless phones, Tablets, Kindles, wireless games and cars.

Get Cell Phone Radiation Protection Now!

The Quantum Cell doesn’t simply block cell phone radiation–it actually transforms the hazardous field of radiation into a protective, healing field around you.

“I can feel that the radiation from my phone is actually transformed into beneficial energy which surrounds me like a cocoon.” Olivia W., TX

Quantum Cell $129

Click here for more information about the Quantum Cell

“I notice now with the Quantum Cell that my usual headache when I’m talking on my cell is completely gone.” Bill S., Chico, CA

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Special Help for Electrosensitive People:

The LunarShield

"There is a military radar tower and also 5 radio transmission towers near my home. Although they are about a mile away, the towers have always given me a heavy feeling in the head during sleep. But this has vanished since I installed the Lunar Shield. Sleep has been deeper and comes more easily." --Jeff Yeo, Singapore


Get Deep, Restorative Sleep with extra EMF Protection

The LunarShield is designed especially for those with electromagnetic sensitivity. It gives extra EMF protection while you sleep—an important time, as this is when your body heals and restores itself.

The LunarShield works in synergy with the Infinity Home EMF Protection System (either version) and is designed to provide added support to that given by this product.

Give Yourself the Extra Support You Need

Get deep restorative sleep that will boost your immune system and help you feel more refreshed and energetic when you wake up.

You can also use it in other areas in your home!

Wrap the Lunar Shield around any area in your home you spend a lot of time in—such as an easy chair, a desk, or a meditation area—and get extra support during the day, as well.

EarthCalm’s Inventor has Electromagnetic Sensitivity

The LunarShield has been designed by EarthCalm inventor, Jean Gallick, who is herself highly electrosensitive. As our environment becomes ever more dense with electrosmog, she has developed a special concern for people like herself with extreme sensitivity to EMFs.

She has discovered extra support is now needed for those with electromagnetic sensitivity, even beyond that given by the Home System and Nova Resonator, especially when they are sleeping. The LunarShield is her answer. This product functions as an electromagnetic transformer that creates a voltage fence between the person sleeping within it and the environment.

30 feet in length. Fits all bed sizes.

Price: $249

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Protect your Pet with the 4PAWS Pet EMF Protection Collar


Your pets need EMF Protection, too.

Sometimes pets have problems that are not easycat_dog for veterinarians to pinpoint. Some of these causes may be environmental in nature, and EMF pollution may play an important role. Protect your pets from EMF exposure with the 4Paws Pet Protection Collar.

Here are some reported benefits of the 4Paws collar.

The 4PAWS Pet EMF Protection collar is made of durable, water-resistant black nylon, infused with non-toxic, pet-safe EarthCalm technology. It repels liquid, dirt and coat oils, reducing the spread of bacteria.

Four sizes: Small (½” x 8” – 12”), Medium (1” x 10” – 16”), Large (1” x 14” – 20”) and X-Large (1″ x 18″ – 26″).

EarthCalm 4Paws Collar $169

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Call Hank or Barbara 828-689-5787 or send us an email for help placing your online order.

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EarthCalm Products are Independently Tested and Approved with IIREC Seal

Test SealEarthCalm products have been independently tested against EMFs and proven effective in restoring–and in some cases, improving–the body’s natural, healthy balance.

The testing was done by the International Institute for Research on Electromagnetic Compatibility (IIREC), a government–funded research institute in Austria. The IIREC is a world-renowned authority on EMF research and testing of EMF protection devices. EarthCalm was awarded with its seal of approval.


When you purchase EarthCalm Products from us, you are supporting a small husband and wife business, and we pride ourselves on customer service.

Call Hank or Barbara, 828-689-5787, or send an email if you have any questions. We have unlimited long distance service, so please let us know if you want us to call you right back, or send an email through the link above.

Click on the EarthCalm Banner to place an order. If you need help placing your online order, please feel free to call us.