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EarthCalm Frequently Asked Questions

For over 20 years EarthCalm customers have reported their success stories reflected in their testimonials, and many have reported the same dramatic results in EMF Protection. EarthCalm products are an experience. Take advantage of the 90 day money back guarantee and see for yourself.

What is the best way to start using EarthCalm products?

The place to start is with the EarthCalm Infinity Home Protection System, based on two principles of grounding. The first principle involves resonant antennas that duplicate the electromagnetic structure of the Earth's EMF field, thus strengthening your attunement to the Earth and all the information and healing contained therein. EarthCalm creates this initial attunement with a basic set of circuits that mirror the Earth's EMF field. The second principle is scalar resonance, which involves doubling the fundamental antennas in such a way that they exactly balance or cancel each other, which activates 'magnitude': scalar waves are generated which exponentially amplifjy your grounding in the earth. (These terms are all described on our How EarthCalm Works page.)

When you are grounded your nervous system can dissipate all types of chaotic or induced currents. (See How EarthCalm Works for information on grounding.) Once biologically reconnected to the Earth by grounding as nature intended, you have available to you all the frequencies and information embedded in the Earth's electromagnetic field. In addition, the Earth's field acts as a form of Faraday Cage that further protects you from manmade radiation.

Quantum CellCell phones, cell phone towers and all types of WiFi equipment (i.e. all wireless transmitters) are modern technologies that are difficult, if not impossible, to avoid. When using wireless phones such as cordless phones or cell phones, you might consider the Quantum Cell. Most people are unaware that cell phones put out a hazardous field of radiation whenever they are on or in receiving mode. AQunatum Cell disarms that constrant hazard. If you use your cell phone a lot, or if you have a laptop computer, the Omega Wi-Fi is a total solution to the problem. It transforms the hazardous microwave radiation from your cell or laptop into a healing field. Return to FAQ Index.

Will the Scalar Home Protection System help children, especially with hyperactivity, asthma or ADHD?
Children are more vulnerable than adults to EMFs because of their developing nervous systems. In today's world children also have heavy exposure to EMFs from computer games, extensive TV viewing, cell phones, etc.

2 kids silhouetteMost children are too young to wear personal Scalar Resonators because they lack the responsibility to take care of valuable jewelry. (Some parents choose to pin the Resonators to their child’s clothing.) If children sleep in a home protected from EMFs, their nervous systems will naturally heal and regenerate at night, thus providing protection against a growing number of common ailments including hyperactivity, asthma and ADHD. EarthCalm has received many reports of improvement over the years including reduction of ADHD symptoms, improved school grades and improved social behavior. As a child grows older and spends more time in front of a computer in school or at work, parents might consider the purchase of a personal Scalar Resonator. Return to FAQ Index.

If they don't use electricity, why are the EarthCalm home products plugged in?
EarthCalm products are inserted into electrical outlets in order to introduce or modulate its circuits into the current of electricity. It does not use current itself, nor is it dependent on voltage. It works equally well with 120 or 240 voltage, although simple plug adapters are necessary outside the US, Mexico and Canada.

Our home protectors modulate information into the current in a way that is similar to how talking on a phone works. When you speak into a phone, your voice vibrates a diaphragm which modulates information into a DC stream of electricity. Since electricity travels at the speed of light, phone conversations are possible in real time. So too, at the speed of light, the EarthCalm circuits are embedded into the AC grid in your home. They are transferred by the electrical principle of resonance to assist people to ground more effectively into the Earth. Return to FAQ Index.

Do the products need to be recharged at any time? Is there any maintenance?
It is not necessary to recharge EarthCalm Scalar Resonators or the home and office plug-in products. Since EarthCalm Scalar plug-in products have no moving parts, they will never wear out. EarthCalm Scalar Resonators similarly have no moving parts. As with any fine jewelry over time you may have to replace the silver chain and clasps, depending on your body chemistry. As with any sterling silver jewelry, you may occasionally polish the Scalar Resonator with a non-abrasive sterling silver polish to maintain the shine. Some people may tarnish their Resonator more in the beginning as a result of healing or detoxification. (The Scalar Resonator will continue to function optimally whether polished or not.) Return to FAQ Index.

Which product is best for me?
The best place to start is the Infinity Home Protection System. The System provides maximum EMF protection for everyone in the home, which is particularly important if you have children. The Infinity Home Protection System incorporates a graduated series of three steps, which makes it easy for everyone to adjust to, including people who are electrosensitive.

For personal protection the optimal choice for those individuals who are relatively healthy or who are heavily exposed during work is our Nova Scalar Resonator. For those who are electrically sensitive, have immune deficiency problems or a serious illness, then the Infinity Resonator (personal pendant) may be too abrupt a correction all at once for their body to adapt to quickly. For these individuals it is important to adapt to either the Infinity Home Protection System or two Home Protectors before wearing the Scalar Resonator.

We also suggest that everyone consider purchase anQuantum Cellfor their cell phone and cordless phones, and the Omega Wi-Fi for wireless routers. Return to FAQ Index.

How long have you been providing this product?
EarthCalm has been manufacturing and retailing EMF protection products for over 20 years. EarthCalm products are also available through local practitioners such as medical doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, allergy elimination practitioners, acupuncturists, Feng Shui practitioners, etc. Return to FAQ Index.

How much square footage or how many circuit breakers do the EarthCalm home protection products cover?
Circuits abstractEarthCalm Scalar Resonance Technology products are unique. They do not work on electricity, nor draw on the electricity. Rather they introduce their "information" into the wiring of the house or apartment. You can think of it as working on the voltage. Because of this no matter what the number of outlets, rooms, square footage, circuit breaker boxes, etc., the products work equally well everywhere. EarthCalm products do not generate a frequency that radiates out from a point (and therefore are not limited to distance or square footage). They work equally well over the entire home. EarthCalm home protection products do this by utilizing the electrical principle of resonant frequency modulation. They introduce or modulate information contained within their highly specific circuitry into the standing voltage of a home. Return to FAQ Index.

I live outside the USA & Canada, where we have a different frequency and a different voltage. Is there any way I can use the Home Protector or the Scalar Home Protection System?
EarthCalm can be used with any voltage, whether 120 or 220 and does NOT require a voltage adapter, although it does require a simple plug adapter for your country (not included).

Return to FAQ Index.

There is a switch at the wall plates or outlets in my country. Do they need to remain in the on position?
EarthCalm Scalar Resonance Technology products are inserted into electrical outlets in order to introduce or modulate its circuits into the current of electricity. While they do not use current itself, nor are they dependent on voltage, they do need access to the wiring. The Multi-Phase Shield also requires access to the wiring.

Therefore, in those countries where there is a switch at the outlet, the switch must remain in the "on" position for the plug-in products to operate effectively. Only the switch where the product is plugged into needs to remain "on". Return to FAQ Index.

Will I be able to measure the effectiveness of EarthCalm products with a gauss meter?
EarthCalm scalar products work differently from other products that claim to offer EMF protection by blocking EMFs. Our products do not affect the EMFs, themselves. Instead, they affect our bodies, in that they serve to ground us into the electro-magnetic field of the earth, thus stopping the assault of EMFs on our bodies and allowing them to heal.

Therefore, you will not find any evidence of how our products are working by measuring EMFs on a Gauss meter. However, if you were to use the kind of technology that measures energy shifts in the human body, such as thermography, you would find profound changes taking place when using EarthCalm products.

Home wiringA gauss meter measures the field strength of EMFs. Most homes will have a .5 to a 2 milligauss background EMF field. This field is generated by the AC grid embedded in the walls of your home as well as by any appliances using current. Generally the EMF field of appliances is either short term, or drops off abruptly with distance. The background radiation in your home is also composed external sources of EMFs to the house such as high tension distribution lines and microwave radiation generated by cell phone towers, radio stations, wireless routers, cell phones etc. Because of this many people report milligauss readings well over 5.

The Bioinitiative Report (see our resources link) documents that in homes with a 4 milligauss background the incidence rates of Leukemia in children rises significantly.

The hazardous electrical grid in which we live creates a barrier which essentially separates us from being able to ground to the earth. EarthCalm products work to reconnect you to this ground thereby allowing AC induced currents in your nervous system to dissipate as nature intends. They will not change the milligauss reading of the EMF itself. By amplifying your ground in the earth, EarthCalm products greatly faciltate healing by removing the brunt of EMF generated stress from your body. Return to FAQ Index.

How will I know if my EarthCalm products are working?
EarthCalm is unique in the EMF protection industry in requesting that the customer monitor disease symptoms to validate the effectiveness of our products. EMFs are a serious problem, and you owe it to yourself and your family to choose the best product available. The only way to do this is to test each product against objective salient symptoms. We ask you to choose a salient and measurable symptom to monitor so as to track the actual effectiveness of our products. This could be intensity and frequency of headaches, blood pressure measurements or laboratory tests such as blood work which measure stress factors. It could be the school grades or school evaluations of your child. You can also rate on a scale of 1-10 the level of intensity of symptoms for everyone in the household and compare the difference in 30 days. A 90 day money back guarantee is provided to give plenty of time for a personal evaluation period. This allows ample time should there be a mild healing period involving detoxification which is an indication of how effective our products are. Return to FAQ Index.

How does your 90 day money back guarantee work?
We encourage you to use our 90-day money-back guarantee from the date of purchase to verify for yourself the effectiveness of our products. For some individuals the chronic 24/7 exposure to EMFs has compromised the immune system, thereby slowing the healing processes in the body. There may either be a healing or adaptation period which is different for everyone. This may include mild detoxification symptoms; and for a small percentage of individuals, the healing effects are very subtle. Monitoring your overall sense of well being over a period of time affords you the oportunity to tune into the effect exposure to EMFs has had on your physical and mental well-being. Therefore we offer the 90 days for you to have the time to fully experience the effectiveness of EarthCalm.

Please call Customer Service with any questions about the adaptation period or for authorization and address of our Return Department. Removal or tampering with EarthCalm circuits will interfere with their effectiveness and will void your guarantee and/or warranty.

Customers are responsible for ordering the proper size, color and style of any product and will be charged for shipping for replacement. Return to FAQ Index.

What is your return policy?
Most individuals evaluate our products for an average of 60 days to experience the healing benefits. If you desire to return or replace a product please call Customer Service at 1.800.474.2584 (outside the USA please email: for authorization and for the proper return address. We would appreciate learning the reason for the return. Proof of purchase date is required. When returning or exchanging a product for another (such as to change the size of an Infinity Ring), the customer is responsible for the shipping and handling charges. Return to FAQ Index.

PLEASE NOTE: All EarthCalm circuits include a proprietary tuning process called Harmonic Balancing. Removal or tampering with EarthCalm circuits will interfere with their effectiveness and will void your guarantee and/or warranty. Return to FAQ Index.

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