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Children’s Health And Cell Phones

What are your children’s health risks of cell phone use?

baby on cell phoneThe link between children’s health and cell phones is becoming more and more clear. It is true that children these days are definitely safer away from home than they were a decade ago, as many of them are now carrying cell phones. They can call for help at any time and parents can always know where they are.

Yet what about the health risks caused by the very device that helps keep them “safe”? The dangers of using cell phones are now becoming well-known, and beginning steps are being taken to inform the public of them.

What many parents don’t realize is that children are especially vulnerable to cell phone radiation, as their skulls are less dense than those of adults, and their brains are still developing. A child in utero is also at risk.

Cell Phones and Children’s Health

Risks for children using cell phones have been documented by many studies which describe, in particular, the potential of tumors with extended exposure. Brain cancer has now surpassed leukemia as the number one cancer killing children, and many scientists believe this is directly linked to the exponential increases in cell phone use and other wireless devices.

Governments, especially in Europe, are taking notice. In 2005, the French government took steps to protect children from cancer risk:

boy on phoneNew laws cracking down on children’s use of mobile phones are to be introduced in France amid growing fears that they may cause cancer and other diseases. All advertising of the devices to children under 12 is to be prohibited under the legislation, announced by the Environment Minister, John-Louis Borloo, last week, and he will also take powers to ban the sale of any phone designed to be used by those under six.

Other Children’s Health Risks of Cell Phone Use

Studies have also linked mothers’ cell phone use to their children’s behavioral problems and children’s health risks. Also, according to Dr. Mercola, cell phone usage may be one of the primary causes of the autism epidemic. Studies are further showing a correlation between Childhood Asthma and EMFs.

EarthCalm’s Solution for Cell Phone EMF Protection

Many companies today produce plastic stickers, magnets, beads, aluminum strips of geometric energy devices to help protect against radiation from cell phone radiation danger. These devices work to a limited extent. But they do not give total protection and can provide false security. If you and your children use your cell phones every day, you need total protection.

The Quantum Cell: The Powerful Alternative

Quantum CellThe EarthCalm Quantum Cell far surpasses any other device on the market. It transforms the field of microwave radiation coming from your cell phone into a beneficial grounding field around you.

With this product attached to your cell phones (or your cordless phones, which is also hazardous), you can set your mind at ease regarding your children’s health and cell phones.

The Child Resonator Pendant

Child ResonatorsA further step you can take to protect your children against all EMFs in their environment—especially when away at school—is to have them wear a Child Scalar Resonator. This is a smaller version of our adult-size Resonator, which provides round-the-clock personal protection. Designed to be worn around the neck by grade school and pre-teen children, the Child Resonator can also be pinned inside a pocket of a younger or more active child—or put in a pouch and pinned to your child’s or baby’s clothing.

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

All EarthCalm products have a 90-day money-back guarantee to encourage you to try our products and see the relationship between your children and EMFs.

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